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table full of thanksgiving food sign at front that says reserved

Restaurants open for Thanksgiving in Willamette Valley

Thanksgiving is next week already which means visiting family and eating plenty of turkey, pie and mashed potatoes. However, not everyone is able to have a nice Thanksgiving meal with their families. They might not be able to go home because of school or maybe they don’t have any family. However, there are also moments where cooking goes wrong and you don’t have any food to eat. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants open for Thanksgiving in Willamette Valley. Find out which restaurants are open below! Read the rest of this entry >>

Jeep Wrangler at the edge of a large puddle

Which Jeep models have four-wheel drive?

When it comes to traversing some of the more challenging terrains in and around the Willamette Valley, not all 4×4 systems will do. That’s why outdoor lovers who need their vehicle to keep up with their adventurous lifestyle can’t go wrong with a Jeep crossover or SUV purchase. Jeep has some of the most rigorous testing standards around meaning drivers can feel confident that their Jeep will perform under all circumstances no matter the weather or location. We break down which Jeep crossover and SUV models at Albany CDJR in Albany, OR are outfitted with 4WD (four-wheel drive) below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

trick or treat with kids in costume

Trick-or-treat times for Albany Oregon

When to go Halloween 2019 trick-or-treating in Albany, OR

Halloween is coming up fast. Your kids want to go trick-or-treating, and you don’t know when to go. Many places have done away with traditional trick-or-treating officially, and others have moved the times around to be safer and more family-friendly. It’s confusing to find the trick-or-treating times in our modern times, but we are here to help. Find out when to go Halloween 2019 trick-or-treating in Albany, OR. Read the rest of this entry >>