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Restaurants open for Thanksgiving in Willamette Valley

Thanksgiving is next week already which means visiting family and eating plenty of turkey, pie and mashed potatoes. However, not everyone is able to have a nice Thanksgiving meal with their families. They might not be able to go home because of school or maybe they don’t have any family. However, there are also moments where cooking goes wrong and you don’t have any food to eat. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants open for Thanksgiving in Willamette Valley. Find out which restaurants are open below!

Restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day in 2019

Most of these restaurants recommend making a reservation so remember to call ahead to make sure you can get a Thanksgiving meal. The restaurants listed below are only a few options to choose from in the Willamette Valley. To find out about more restaurants, call to ask about their Thanksgiving hours.

Salem restaurants

• Adam’s Rib Smoke House
• Amadeus
• Half Penny Public House
• The Kitchen on Court Street
• Roberts Crossing
• Rudy’s Steakhouse

Eugene restaurants

• King Estate Winery
• Shari’s Restaurant
• Amici at Holiday Inn
• Oregon Electric Station
• McGrath’s Fish House
• The Embers

Corvallis restaurants

• Izzy’s Pizza & Buffet
• Peacock Bar & Grill
• Fireworks Pub & Pizza
• Szechuan Café
• Flame Mountain BBQ
• Benchwarmers Sports Bar

Albany restaurants

• Jack’s Oyster House
• Wellington’s at the Renaissance Albany
• 677 Prime
• New World Bistro Bar
• Elmer’s Restaurant
• Sybaris Bistro

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