Build a Shoebox


Ways to Provide Joy

It takes $25 to fill one box with essentials and toys for one child. 

Donate Supplies: You can donate any kid friendly essentials or toys at Albany CDJR. 

Donation Ideas: 

- Soccer Ball with Pump

- dolls/stuffed animals

- shoes

- toothbrushes/washcloths/combs/hairbrushes

- socks/sunglasses/jewelry/flashlights

- toys/jump ropes/yo-yos

- pens/pencils/sharpeners/notebooks/coloring books/calculators

Each year Albany CDJR will be participating, so check back in for more ways to donate!

Donations welcome! Donate anything that can fit within a shoe box. Please don't include any food, liquid, or scary items. If you donate something that needs batteries, we recommend donation the batteries as well. 

Albany CDJR : 2315 Santiam Hwy SE, Albany, OR 97322

Thank you for your support and love!